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A Business Coaching & Subscription Membership for Independent Voice Studio Owners, run by Michelle Markwart Deveaux


  • Custom Website Redesign
  • Landing Page Designs
  • Refresh Logo and New Branding
  • Learning Management System
  • Payment System
  • Unique Graphic Design
  • Lead Magnets
  • SEO support
The SpeakEasy Cooperative membership website portfolio collage, including four versions of the website layout after the redesign project.

 The Problem:

Michelle’s business, FaithCultureKiss™ Studio for Voice & Acting, LLC: Home of The SpeakEasy Cooperative™, had grown over the last several years and the original website we built for her no longer accurately reflected the company’s brand and goals.

The site needed a new domain name with a completely custom redesign that better reflected its brand to help attract the right clients.

The Hope:

The new website would be easy (and exciting) to navigate, cleanly designed and guide visitors to the services that match their needs best. It should include new landing pages for the “How to Run Your Voice Business Without Hating Your Boss” Accelerator and “VIP Room” programs.

The learning management system would be redesigned to give both the subscription members and program members clear access to premium content. The new membership dashboard would reduce administrative costs by addressing common questions so the staff doesn’t have to field Q&A calls as often.

The payment / checkout system would be upgraded to a new system that allows members to easily update and maintain their own accounts.

Ultimately, the new website would attract more leads from business owners with the same core values, and that are serious about becoming the leaders they want to be as they run the businesses they desire to create.

How We Did It:

We strategized to set clear project goals that matched the needs of the business.

Next we worked with the amazing designers at Creativa to create a very custom and unique website mockup that captured the excitement and “Join if you dare!” vibe that was necessary to attract the right members and clients. We also redesigned the logo and branding elements to create a perfect blend of professionalism and excitement and that the members would come to expect.

Primary logo for The SpeakEasy Cooperative (SECO).

As we redesigned each page and created the new landing pages, we meticulously went over the SEO requirements to improve organic search engine results. This includes ongoing keyword research and placement so the message is clear right from the start how The SpeakEasy Cooperative Team could help solve the website visitor’s probelms.

Due to the vast amount of materials and videos the team came up with over the years to deliver ongoing education to members, we updated the members’ training area for easier search and navigation. We even created a whole new dashboard so they could get quick and easy access to whatever they needed, and quickly.

Members could now easily:

  • Log in update their subscription accounts
  • Check and download invoices
  • Set up their user profile to share with other members
  • Access and resume their enrolled programs
  • Book and pay for coaching calls
  • Find and sign up for upcoming training events
  • Review the company values and membership guidelines

Also needed was an upgrade of the payment checkout system, so we helped create a system to gracefully migrate members over without overwhelming the customers or the team.

With any system that has major changes and updates, we knew we would need to be able to answer questions so we created a team profile page and setup a form to allow members to reach the approach team member when they need help. Keith Dream is also proud to offers ongoing membership related support as part of the team.

This was fun project that definitely required a great amount of attention to details and a ton of teamwork. And it paid off in the end.

Visit The SpeakEasy Cooperative website here.


Keith Eldridge

A digital strategist dedicated to helping you find the highest quality solutions for your online business needs - delivered with originality, creativity and ingenuity.

Living in Hiroshima, Japan, Keith loves Tai Chi, Qigong and Yin/Yang theory. He also creates healing art embedded with his own original musical compositions.

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