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Robert Sussuma’s Program for Singers


  • New Website
  • New Logo and Branding
  • Learning Management System
  • Payment System
  • Graphics
Portfolio of The Singing Self Program website mockups

The Problem:

Robert’s training video library had grown to 300+ videos and had become difficult to manage by himself and hard for singing students to navigate through.

The Hope:

Re-think the whole delivery system and turn the massive library into an intuitive program that voice students can navigate on their own, while having just enough guidance to ensure progress through this amazing journey of the singing self.

How We Did It:

Our initial strategy session let us know that we would need a system that was not a simple “out-of-the-box” solution. After a series of discovery sessions, we came up with a plan to offer two programs: one for students, one for teachers.

We created a user story to envision the flow that a new student would take from the time the signed up to the progression through the program, all the way up to completion, where we would unlock a secret library for them.

Robert’s unique linear/non-linear approach allows students to navigate parts of the course in order so they get a strong foundation, while they can pick and choose classes in other phases to compliment what they were learning. Learners were now able to progress freely with the guidance of their instructor so they wouldn’t stray too far off track.

Since The Singing Self Program was a new concept for Robert, we also came up with a new logo and branding package that accurately represents Robert’s way of thinking. It is simple and represents the integrative and transformative nature of the program while still inspiring curiosity, wonder and success.

The Singing Self Logo

Due to the complexity of the program progression, we enlisted some beta testers to go through the whole process, from beginning to end, to verify the full functionality that students would need in order to enjoy and successfully complete the program. Their feedback led to revisions that improved the whole process, including some of the following:

  • Informative sales page with clear call to action
  • Checkout system that is secure, easy to fill out and provides peace of mind
  • Onboarding process that welcomes new students and guides them in getting started
  • Logging in and navigating to their account
  • Setting up the user profile and maintaining the account
  • Choosing which program phase to study, finding where they left off, and leaving feedback at regular intervals
  • Getting support from the teacher if the student gets stuck
  • Printing out certificates of completion


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Living in Hiroshima, Japan, Keith loves Tai Chi, Qigong and Yin/Yang theory. He also creates healing art embedded with his own original musical compositions.

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