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Natalie Huggins

Musician website to showcase LP release

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The Problem:

Natalie’s previous website was built by a friend who was no longer able to support it. After being left alone without maintenance or updates, it fell subject to hackers and she was locked out of her own site.

The Hope:

Regain access and restore the site to an acceptable state. Then redesign to showcase the launch of her upcoming LP album (that’s right LP!).

How We Did It:

After regaining access, we removed the malware and cleaned out the database. Some portions of the site were missing but we were able to salvage some based on snapshots from the internet archive (wayback machine).

Once the original site was up and running, we could begin planning out the new site. We had a few discovery and strategy sessions to map out a timeline so we could have her new site up and running in time to pre-sell her LP album.

We set clear goals and used a shared google drive folder so she could supply her beautiful images from the album photo shoot. Teaming up with a copywriter, she came up with some great text copy for the site.

We brainstormed and did some drawings for the layout and structure of the site, then we got it set up with the Divi theme by Elegant Themes along with WooCommerce to handle her LP and merchandise sales.

Dark background sites are tough to create but with great collaboration, we came up with a design that matched the mood of her album, her personal style and the new look that she was hoping for.

We also came up with a new logo for her overall brand.

Natalie Huggins logo designed by Keith Eldridge (Keith Dream)

To get the site running in time for the LP launch, we decided to separate the website design into three phases. The next phase would be the addition of her Piano & Vocal Studio, followed by the launch of an online Learning System where she can offer her talents and skills to those who weren’t able to attend in person.

Visit Natalie Huggins’ new rockin’ site and listen to some of her music embedded in Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube or even better, pick up her “Split Oceans” LP album and some merchandise to support her!

I feel like what I have spent is worth the value to start up the artistic side of my business and think I have a solid foundation to build and grow more.

Natalie Huggins

ARTIST / PIANO AND VOCAL INSTRUCTOR, Miss Natalie's Piano & Vocal Studio

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