How we work together

This is a simple walk-through of how we get projects done together. The process is generally the same whether it for a website build, website re-design or adding some new functionality. How long each project takes and the depth of each stage will vary on the task. 


We talk it out.

We sit down for a discussion about your goals. We get down to the nitty gritty and find out what you want to achieve and how to deliver those results.

We map it out.

We’ll map out the pages you need in order to create a structure that guides your prospective customers through your site. Then we start creating copy and imagery that best describes your business and tells a story that brings in the customers you are looking for. 

We lay it out.

Now that we have an idea of the structure and wording that we need to tell the story, it is time to start creating the look and feel of the site. We create a unique, yet easy to navigate site that allows your customers / clients / students to take full advantage of the greatness you have to offer.

We launch it.

Finally, we take our well built system and test it end to end. And it’s launch time. We go live for the whole world to see so you can start achieving those goals we set in the beginning. 

Now that you know our process, take the first step.