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The Problem:

Their website was written in html so it was difficult to make even the simplest of updates to their website by themselves. Although they had FTP access, They were always afraid they would make a mistake in the code. At first it was interesting to learn a little about how HTML works (just change the text between the tags, right?), but after while it became apparent that it was taking more time away from business than it should.

In addition, the developer often didn’t wouldn’t reply to requests for days or sometimes weeks. Actual updates would come days to weeks after that.

The Hope:

They needed a website redesign so that it would be easy enough for the staff to make simple copy updates and add blogs to. For more complex maintenance, troubleshooting or technical tasks, they needed a developer / designer that they could trust and that would respond in a reasonable amount of time to requests or issues.

The website was a few years old and it was also time for a refresh of the site design.

Our Solution:

First, we took an inventory of the whole site by drawing out a sitemap. The previous design had included two completely different sites for desktop and mobile (so even small content updates had to be repeated in two places.)

Website Redesign Process

With a website sitemap in place, we evaluated which services were most important to their business, which were no longer offered and which had not yet been listed on the website. From here we created a new sitemap and menu structure.

We began the process of gathering, updating and writing copy, which we stored in Google Drive documents.

Once the copy for all pages was complete, we began gathering and taking photographs for site imagery. The office being in the middle of Hiroshima City meant it was crucial to show how to access the site by streetcar, bus, car or on foot. With so much competition in the area, first time patients would often base their decisions on how easy it was to access, especially after a long day’s work.

The target audience was office workers in their twenties and thirties looking to relax after stressful hours of work. They stayed open late and created a comfortable, private, upscale image inside, and wanted the mood of the website to reflect the same image.

It was also imperative that the website be mobile friendly since many customers would be searching for them while on the move and making appointments right from their smartphones. Responsive design is part of our normal process, so this wasn’t an issue. Buttons and text are large enough to read and tap, scrolling is simple and fast load times over cellular networks make for a seamless mobile experience.

With our process in place, we were able to work together and go from the planning phase to development and launch within 8 weeks, right on schedule.

In-house training was provided on how to make updates to pages and menu items, and we created an easy to follow video guide, accessible from within the WordPress dashboard, on how to add new blogs, categorize and tag them for better search engine optimization (SEO).

They were able to get a new, modern look for their website redesign, create an easy to understand menu for new and existing clients and allow the staff to make basic updates to the website to keep the content fresh.

With our care plan we manage their server for security and performance so they never have to worry whether the supporting software was up to date or susceptible to hackers. They also have the technical support they need at their fingertips.

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Keith Eldridge

A digital strategist dedicated to helping you find the highest quality solutions for your online business needs - delivered with originality, creativity and ingenuity.

Living in Hiroshima, Japan, Keith loves Tai Chi, Qigong and Yin/Yang theory. He also creates healing art embedded with his own original musical compositions.

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