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Keith Dream English School

An English conversation school in Hiroshima Japan.

This was a full website build to attract new students to join the English conversation school. The target age group is elementary school students so a colorful and fun image was very important. Students’ parents are the ones making the final decision, so plenty of information about each class, how to get started and tuition needed to be easily displayed.

To make the contact form more clear, it was made visually appealing so the user would be sure to choose the right options on the form, including age group and which of the two locations they were inquiring about. Previous forms led to the same questions being asked in email replies so the form was updated to get as many questions answered right away and only truly interested parents to contact the school.

The demographics showed that most visitors were using smartphones to view the site, so we paid extra attention to mobile design (although the Divi premium theme we uses takes care of the majority of this right from the start!)

Contact buttons that lead straight to a phone call on mobile devices made it easier form new students to get in touch. By providing answers to the most common questions up front in clear language and easy methods of contact, we noticed a higher quality of calls – meaning most contacts were people who really wanted to get started – and most calls lead to students coming in for consultation.

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